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TO TAKE THE SAMPLE. ENSURE MANE HAS NOT BEEN WASHED FOR TWO WEEKS. *CUT A 6CM LONG BY 6CM WIDE SECTION OF MANE NEAR BRIDLE PATH USING CLEAN STAINLESS STEEL SCISSORS. *SAMPLE MUST WEIGH 2 GRAMS. *PUT SAMPLE IN PAPER ENVELOPE WITH HORSES NAME ON FRONT *YOU MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION WITH THE SAMPLE: *NAME OF HORSE *AGE *BREED *SEX APPROX HEIGHT AND WEIGHT *COLOUR *WORKLOAD *HORSES DIET FOR THE PAST 3 MOPNTHS INCLUDING SUPPLEMENTS,HERBS, TONICS ETC AND ANY VET MEDICATIONS *YOUR NAME *YOUR EMAIL *YOUR ADDRESS *YOUR MOBILE *EMAIL ME FOR MAILING ADDRESS FOR SAMPLE AND PAYMENT DETAILS: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The fee of $330 provides you with detailed analysis of how each mineral is affecting your horse, state of health of your horse, identifies health and behvaioural issues and how to correct them, HOW SUITABLE YOUR PROPERTY IS FOR HORSES, provides a diet that is as unprocessed as possible with the addtion of individual minerals. Provides status of: KIDNEY AND LIVER FUNCTION, BONE DENSITY (Ca/P ratio), ADRENAL AND THYROID FUNCTION, HORMONE LVELS, SUGAR LEVELS, IRON STORES. FREE FOLLOWUP ADVICE *This is not a computer generated report, it is ACTUALLY analysed and interpreted by a scientist

Hair tissue testing is not to be confused with hair testing! Hair tissue is tested in a laboratory under controlled conditions using a mass spectrometer. Whereas hair testing practioneers may use a variety of implements including pendulums, radionics, dowsing and clairvoyance. For accurary, a scientific test is recommended and the results to be interpreted by an experienced, credentialed pracititioner.