A hair tissue test will determine if you are feeding your horse to meet his/her nutritional requirements. The test will also screen for heavy metal toxicities which are quite common in horses, particullary from the chewing of treated pine posts. Once you have provided all the feeds, supplements and water source your horse is currently on, Kerry will determine if the problem is metabolic, dietary, environmental or a combination of more than one factor.
What will the Test Reveal
Apart form mineral levels, the test reports significant ratios which are more indicative about the state of health of the horse than individual minerals alone. Each ratio represents a specific metabolic function.
  1. Kidney & liver function, digestion.
  2. Adrenal & thyroid function.
  3. Infection resistance.
  4. Sugar Levels.
  5. Hormone levels.
  6. Bone health and density.
The test will also reveal if you are feeding your horse too meet his/her individual mineral requirements.
What do I receive?
  • A diet based on the findings of the lab report which will include unprocessed and natural feeds.
  • If supplements are required, doses are stated, where to source and period of supplementation.
  • The diet is designed for your horses own mineral requirements.
  • Two pages of laboratory reports and comprehensive analysis of the findings.
  • Follow up advice and guidance.