Selenium deficiency is widespread in Australia and New Zealand. Consequently, most horses are lacking this essential trace element. In fact 98% of the thousands of horses I have tested over 10 years are deficient or have non existent levels.
Many selenium supplements currently on the market contain inorganic or synthetic selenium that is not well absorbed in the horse. They are expensive and just simply to not raise selenium tissue levels. I have conducted an extensive clinical trial on this product. It is indeed the most bioavaliable of it's kind on the Austrlaian market.
Selenium is essential in the horse. It forms an integral part of the enzyme glutationine peroxidase in horses red blood cells by protecting lipid peroxides and cell membranes against peroxidase damage. It is required for immune and cardiovascular systems, adequate thyroid function, healthy coat, skin and hooves, essential for reproduction and pregnancy, adequate muscle development and oxygen transport, protects against heavy metal toxicity, essential for optimal performance.
Deficiency symptoms include: cracked, brittle hooves, dull coat, tying up, lack of top line, cycling problems in mares, failure to conceive or deliver live foal, birth defects, muscle weakness and stiffness, white muscle disease, poor immunity, respiratory problems, failure to thrive in foals.
PURE ORGANIC SELENIUM METHIONINE is an inactivated whole cell yeast containing bioavialble selenomethione 3000mk/kg. Clinical trial results have proven this to be the most effective, inexpensive bioavailable selenium in Australia
Added to feed once per day at the dose of 1 – 1.5 grams or as otherwise advised on htma recommendations.
Ring Kerry on 0402 772 124 to order:  $50.00 for 1 yr supply